We believe there is the heart of a lion inside of everyone. You just need to find what brings it out of you.

Born A Lion is made for those who fight to realize the greatness inside of themselves, who shed the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to uncover their full potential, and who refuse to settle for less than they can truly be.

What are you fighting for? 


For Those Who Fight

Launched in 2012, Born A Lion began as a project to inspire people to relentlessly pursue their own highest potential. Almost immediately, many of our friends in the MMA community were drawn to the brand. There was no better example of the Born A Lion spirit than the people who were literally fighting to be their best. 

In 2022, the brand relaunched with the intent to work more closely with the MMA community and develop apparel and accessories that they would love to wear, whether they were training, having a night out, or lounging at home catching up on rest. 

Today, Born A Lion is dedicated to delivering quality products for all those who fight to be the best version of themselves, whatever that means for you. Maybe you’re fighting to perfect your craft. Maybe you’re overcoming hardship or starting a business or just trying to be a better person. Or maybe you’re still figuring it all out.

Whatever you’re fighting for, when you’re wearing Born A Lion, you know you’re part of the pride that refuses to settle for anything less than we can truly be.

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